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This is the 7th Swagga Interview. We in Compton this time with homie K9. It’s been a while since we did an interview. I was supposed to do this one a while ago, but as I made clear I have been caught up in RL, with school and a lot of shit. So we’ll drop this interview right here right now for ya’ll, like a bomb ready to explode. Enjoy people!

First King of Swag wanna thank you for this oppertunity. I know you busy, and lately you been doin interviews for Ruthless Radio , Westside Radio, Urbban Radio and Pappirazzi TV. So we glad you took the time bruh. We’ve been workin together in the past and for you guys who don’t know, it was K9 who made sure I exclusevily released MC Eiht’s joint ”It’s only Me”. We appreciate it all homie. So K9 , you been in the game for quite some time. You started out as a shorty, with the right contacts at hand. As far as i know Dj Speed who worked a lot with N.W.A introduced you to the music. Can you tell us a little bit about that?

My cousins and my brother used to break dance alot and pop lock so they pulled me in. I did break for a while but I liked the way Ice T rimed so me and my cousin started to write or tryed to write hahaha, It was hard, we wrote with no beat just a clap in our head so i hooked up with Dj Speed and he was just starting to make beats so he gave me a fews and k9 was born. I never wrote to them just freestyled to them and recorded it. Also battled rappers over his beats

And from there you moved on to promoting and road managing (to eventually becoming an artist yourself). Quite a list of qualifications. Tell us about that, and let us know what artists you promoted?

I was always recording and battleing, just wanted to be in the industry more. So i started a promotions company named K9 Promotions with Platinum Street Promotion, you see I watched Eazy E and Dj Speed promote NWA so i just did what I had seen them do. Artists I have promoted?

Bone Thugs, Mel-Low , Coolio, Cj Mac, Ras Kass, Mack 10, Eazy E, Lady of Rage, Luniz, Janet Jackson, WC, Ice Cube, Armad, Mc Eiht, Tupac, DPG, Battle Cat, E 40 and the click, Red man, Method man, Poppa lq , Twista, Scarface, Snoop Dog , Dr Dre , SCC, Montell Jordan, Miss Malika, YNY, Caution, Beenie man , Ika mouse, Dred scott, Domino, Warren g , Master p , Ghetto boys, Rapper 4 tay , 112, Total, Doug E Fresh and more. .


Ever since you started rappin you’ve been doin a lot of interesting colabs. You been workin with peeps like MC Eiht, Goldie Loc and Daz of DPG, proper West Coast characters. Do you have any colaborations on your latest album, ”Born and Raised in Compton” (that was released a month ago) you wanna elucidate on?

Sotto Bless, Bg Butter, Young Nate, Keboe the heff, Ace Loc, Bad azz. Espe Tube , Makavelik , Alon, T-lane, Morgan cs my kid.

When did you establish Fulldeck Records? I know you run that label so tell us a little about that, what artists you got signed to it and what future plans you got for the company.

I have signed; D Unfadeable , Bg Butter , Young Nate, Miss Malika, Morgan cs (My daughter who is then years old), Sen-x, Inferred , Kessa. Up for release are a complation/mixtape and promotion videos rather than albums.

You got any video’s out? I’m asking cause I know you’ve been directing in the past. You can tell us all bout’ that, I know everyone wanna know what’s goin’ on with that shit.

I did the RBX video ’ Overdue ’, K9 feat Kam ’What you need to do ’, K9 feat Mc Eiht ’Compton ’, K9 feat Kessa ’Westcoast party ’, K9 feat Goldie Loc ’ Hitting swicthes’ , D Unfadeble ’Throw yo hands up’, D Unfadeble ’Styles and flow ’ I did Mc Eiht ’So well’


Yo I’ve been wanting to ask you. There’s been a lot of shit surrounding your brand. People copying your name and all that. What the fuck is that about and what’s your take on it?

Mockery is the highest form of flattery and I wont change my name for no one

What city are you originally from?


I usually ask people what kinda car they drive. But I heard through the grapevine that you drive car(s)?

Cadillac Big Bodie Low Rider , 64 Chevy Super Sport Impala, Chevy Avalanche, 1957 VW Bug , 1972 Grand Prix, 1972 Impala. Lets just say I love classic cars

What is bein’ played through your speakers homie?

Too Short ’The Ghetto’, Eazy E ’Only if you want it ’, Rihanna and a lot of oldies, and not to mention Gospel music

Do you wanna share any news from the West Coast scene we should know about?

I worked with the Western Conference Event and I dont see the togetherness that needs to be there with the artist. Everybody deepdown inside hate each other when they not around each other so we need to keep them around each other everyday, lol.

And lastly, as is becoming custom in our interviews, we’d like to know what video you want played here on King of Swag. You get to request whatever you want to.

Wow, I think I’d like to hear K9 feat Goldie Loc ”Hitting Switches”

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